Hot Shot Kixxx – ‘Weather Warning’

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A raucous indie rock band from El Paso, Texas, Hot Shot Kixxx have been delivering a unique blend of metal, funk, and grunge for the past seven years, capturing a bold, yet melodic sound that harks back to the glory days of the early ‘90s. Originally a four-piece, the band transitioned into the dynamic duo of frontman and primary songwriter Juan Carlos ‘JC’ Villalobo, and David ‘Choko’ Ponce on the drums, capturing a dynamic that has served bands like Royal Blood and Slaves so well.

After releasing their debut album, ‘Devils at It Again’ in 2020, the band set the standard for their sound, laying down a dark and moody proposition that borrows from metal, funk, grunge, and explosive acid rock. Armed with moving and melodic guitar riffs, powerful dynamic shifts, and brooding vocals, Hot Shot Kixxx have made an indelible mark on their local scene, but today, with the release of their new single ‘Weather Warning’, they’re set to take on the world.

A powerhouse release about the bittersweet nature of toxic relationships and the impending chaos that follows, ‘Weather Warning’ hits with impulsive guitar work, raw drums, and roaring vocals inspired by bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters.

Speaking openly about the new single, the band added on social media, “Have you ever felt pleasantly surprised by something seemingly unexpected and completely out of the blue, as it made you stop and start paying attention… it’s like when your favourite band does something like, I don’t know, drop a new single, and maybe you saw it coming, and maybe you didn’t, and it doesn’t matter if you feel uncontrollably compelled to listen immediately, and it doesn’t matter whether you may feel like everything is okay in the world right now or not, because what matters is that you can allow yourself to take it all in tune out the rest of the world... and anyway, here’s our newest single titled ‘Weather Warning’ and you can listen to it now!”

Available now on most major platforms, as well as part of our very own annual Spotify playlist for 2022, where its streaming alongside artists like Jonah and Aidan Selene, ‘Weather Warning is a track that proves just how talented Hot Shot Kixxx really are.

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