Hugo Basclain's 'forced my hand' Marks a Raw Return and the Start of a New Era

Hugo Basclain, celebrated for his candid songwriting, is back with a vengeance. His new track, 'forced my hand', marks a stark departure from the nostalgia of his debut EP and dives headfirst into the messy reality of a dying relationship.

"I wrote 'forced my hand' from the turmoil of a fading relationship," Basclain reveals. "It delves into the emotional struggle of feeling trapped and compelled to act, despite the pain it may cause."

The accompanying lyric video, dropping today at 5pm AEST, offers a raw glimpse into Basclain's creative process through VHS footage shot in LA during the song's creation. But 'forced my hand' is just the beginning.

This single is the first taste of Basclain's upcoming EP, 'freeway flowers', a five-track exploration of love, betrayal, and resilience. "The EP dives sharply into the complexity of a relationship," Basclain explains. "The title itself symbolises growth and beauty emerging from challenging circumstances, much like flowers blooming through the cracks in concrete along the side of a freeway."

'freeway flowers' will be rolled out as a series of stand-alone singles, culminating in a bundled EP release in November. Each track promises a deeper dive into Basclain's personal journey, making this project one of his most anticipated yet.

Fans can catch Basclain performing tracks from the EP at an intimate showcase in August following his return from LA. With a string of releases and live performances on the horizon, it's clear that Hugo Basclain is entering a bold new chapter in his musical career.

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