Kamakshi Khanna Unveils Highly-Anticipated Sophomore EP 'Heartbreak 2020'

Celebrated indie singer-songwriter Kamakshi Khanna has released her highly-anticipated sophomore EP, ‘Heartbreak 2020’. Following the success of her singles ‘Love Is Not A Fucking Game’ and ‘I Blew It!’, this new collection marks a significant milestone in her artistic journey, emerging a decade after her debut EP launched her music career.

‘Heartbreak 2020’ is a four-track record inspired by ‘The Green Room Sessions’, Kamakshi’s acclaimed lockdown series that offered a raw and intimate glimpse into her creative process. These homegrown music videos, shot in her bedroom studio, captured the essence of her most vulnerable moments and resonated profoundly with her audience, amassing over 300,000 organic views on YouTube. With this release, fans will experience the transformation of these acoustic tracks into fully produced masterpieces accompanied by stunning visuals starring Kamakshi.

The EP is a poignant exploration of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. It features four tracks, ‘Love Is Not A Fucking Game’, ‘I Blew It!’, ‘Tourist’, and ‘Heartbreak 2020’. Each track reflects Kamakshi’s personal experiences in her 20s, touching on themes of awkward dates, mind games, fleeting relationships, and unrequited love. Through her honest and relatable lyrics, Kamakshi offers listeners a heartfelt journey through a whirlwind of emotions.

“Writing ‘Heartbreak 2020’ was a deeply personal journey for me. The EP is an honest account of the various experiences in my life I came across post my teenage years, charting a path from the anxious jitters of an initial crush in ‘I Blew It!’ to the roaring anger of betrayal in ‘Love Is Not a Fucking Game’, and the bittersweet acceptance in ‘Tourist’,” Kamakshi shares. She adds, “The title track, ‘Heartbreak 2020’, ties the EP together, conveying the understanding that each heartbreak, no matter its magnitude, brings you closer to what’s meant for you. It reflects a hopeful state of mind and a manifestation to find a partner to build the life of your dreams with.”

Kamakshi expresses pride in her work, saying, “I’m so proud and happy that these songs finally get to see the light of day. The name of the EP is a wordplay on ‘Hindsight 2020,’ symbolising the full knowledge and complete understanding that comes only after an event has occurred. I had the privilege of working with incredible producers who helped me find my voice and sound as an artist. I cannot wait to share more about taking this music live in ways I’ve always dreamt of.”

‘Heartbreak 2020’ is now available across leading streaming platforms, accompanied by a music video for ‘Love Is Not A Fucking Game’ on Kamakshi’s official YouTube channel. This release underscores Kamakshi’s versatility and creative evolution, reaffirming her status as a leading voice in India’s indie music scene.

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