Hungarian psych-rock titans, Sun-Rot deliver new album ‘Mirage’

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Formed in the winter of 2018, Hungary’s Sun-Rot have gone from the indoor pool of an abandoned house to an international band with over 600 monthly listeners. Armed with an experimental edge that colours all their releases, the band have recently shared their immersive sophomore album ‘Mirage’, showcasing a frail vision of summertime excitement that will resonate deep within every listener.

Built on the back of last year’s ‘Dreamer’, the new album sees Sun-Rot delivering seven new songs that are drenched in reverb and constantly shifting focus. From the title track through to the lingering ‘Walls of Time’, Sun-Rot’s new album invites you to experience a wave of different emotions, from uplifting blends of dance-heavy rhythms and catchy motifs to more signature melancholic sounds wrapped in steep atmospherics and subtle nostalgia.

As with all of Sun-Rot’s releases, ‘Mirage’ isn’t always the easiest record to unpack, but it is infinitely rewarding. The title track is a fast-paced introduction that sees dance-rock fly from all angles. Spiked with a powerful guitar solo, it’s opens the album without remorse, setting the stage for things to come. On the macabre ‘Dahmer In The Sheets’, the band evoke an unexpected dreamscape, uniting light, humming guitar lines with sweeping drums to create four-and-a-half minutes of magic.

Elsewhere, ‘You Caused It All’ stands firm as one of the album’s highlights, shifting between catchy instrumentals and reflective moments, while ‘Master Key’ hints playfully at more optimistic summer vibes. You can stream the full album below via Spotify.

A brilliant album that perfectly reflects the evolving style and creative vision of Sun-Rot, ‘Mirage’ is a captivating and undeniable release that reveals more of itself with every listen. From light, silky sounds to darker, sonic-driven passages, the band’s new album is a powerful illustration of their power and potential.

For more from Sun-Rot, including their ethereal debut album ‘Dreamer’, be sure to check out their Facebook and Bandcamp pages below.

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