The Sleepy Haunts impressive with their bubble grunge EP, ‘bloom, Vol. 1’

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An independent alt-rock outfit based in the creative heard of Seattle, Washington, The Sleepy Haunts have just shared their brand-new EP, ‘bloom, Vol. 1’. A massive release, the EP unleashes four original tracks packed to the brim with contemporary pop sounds that hit with a twist.

Led by singer and songwriter Gillian McMahon, The Sleepy Haunts have been carving out a unique ‘bubble grunge’ sound over the last few years, starting with debut single ‘Pissed Off’, and culminating in the release of debut album ‘Queendom’ in 2020. Now, after three years, The Sleep Haunts are back and sounding better than ever.

Opening with ‘why do i feel this way?’, The Sleepy Haunts deliver cresting waves of guitar, setting the stage perfectly for Gillian’s vocals. It’s a gentle, blossoming introduction to the EP, where the lyrics and vocals flow effortlessly through the music, building to an eruption of sound that will have you ensnared. Channelling artists like Olivia Rodrigo, ‘why do I feel this way?’ is instantly familiar, easily relatable, and constantly enjoyable.

As the second song of the EP arrives, the band traverse more textured acoustic sounds, slowing the tempo and delving into deep personal moments. Early on in ‘standing, waiting’, Gillian delivers the unforgettable line of “Born the oldest in the family, all the pressure fell on to me”, and from then on, the track becomes a gorgeous example of stark human moments put to song. In third cut ‘Peter Parker’, the band turn to more revitalised pop-punk sounds, blending styles and superhero motifs to create a fast-paced triumph. On the closing track, ‘the end (morning after)’, Gillian and the band deliver one of their most impressive and raw performance so far. While the song begins with a solitary and reflective tone mirrored by stark acoustic guitar and achingly beautiful vocals, it bursts into life around two-and-a-half minutes in, creating a moment of pure magic that we returned to time after time.

An EP that caught us by surprise in all the best ways, ‘bloom, Vol. 1’ is a gorgeous mix of raw moments and tantalising artistry, delivering songs that will not only have you captivated, but also touch your heart and soul. A perfect EP for fans of Olivia Rodrigo’s first album, or Eliza & The Delusionals’ early EPs, ‘bloom, Vol.1’ will have us coming back time and time again.

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