I, Harappan – ‘The Free Ones’

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As far as new artists go, I, Harappan might just be one of the most eclectic and brilliant that we’ve encountered this year. Born in Wales to a working-class family, he was always drawn to the power of music for escapism and wonder, and today, he’s brought them to the fore in his debut single, ‘The Free Ones’.

A single that has been carefully built on a foundation of mysticism and funk, ‘The Free Ones’ is as musically diverse as they come, shining with elements of Brit-pop, folk and soul nestled between the transcendently uplifting layers of disco-pop glory. An unshackled and wonderfully wild release, it’s a single that gives itself fully to the listener, carving a spirited path through the world and delivering a finely attuned and wonderfully passionate escape.

Mixed and mastered by Blake Eiseman (Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Jay Z), ‘The Free Ones’ is the first single to be released from I, Harappan’s upcoming album, which is set to offer a series of snapshots of the alternative artist’s consciousness, leaning heavily on the otherworldly, while staying firmly rooted in enough realism to take you along for the ride.

Speaking about the new single, I, Harappan said, “A long ago, in the forgotten city of Harappa, in the land of river and stone, there was a child forged of bronze. The tribe of the Unicorn lived amidst the broken and beautiful Himalayas, birthing fortress worlds of twisted screens and dead white light; though lost to time, their stories live on. Free Ones is the first release from my debut album, ‘The Harappan & The Devil’, an uplifting cosmic pop experience about never giving up, inspired by ancient mysticism, Tolkien & Diana Ross.”

A revolutionary release that is steep in soulful mysticism, ‘The Free Ones’ is an intoxicating introduction to the world of I, Harappan, and if the rest of his album is even half as scintillating, then we’re all on for a real treat.

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