Immute x Moonlight $ky – ‘Tread Lightly’

  • 2 min read

When it comes to breakthrough acts for 2022, two names that aren’t far from anyone's lists are Immute and Moonlight $ky. Two impressive talents in their own right, they’ve recently collaborated on a massive new single that is ready to put Southern hip-hop on the world stage.

While Moonlight $ky, also known as YungSkyTheWhiteGuy, might be still pushing to make his mark on the industry, Immute took last year by storm, releasing a string of impressive singles like ‘Bad Habits’ and the irrepressible ‘Middle Man. Capturing a unique trap sound that builds on layers of sharp, shifting beats, Immute’s sound is a brilliant reflection of their style and inspirations, taking lead from some of the scene’s greatest stars, while also showcasing a truly unique point of view.

In ‘Tread Lightly’, the duo’s brilliant collaborative release, they’ve been able to share the stage perfectly, creating a hybrid sound that is refreshing, innovative, and instantly enjoyable. From the heavy eclectic beats and steady rap vibes to the focused lyrics and relentless refrains, the new single has it all, firing on all cylinders to deliver a quickfire tempo and high stepping sounds that flows with easy confidence. As the track progresses, you’re hit with a wave of vintage synths and restrained, restless energy, and the two talents work brilliantly to keep you right on the edge.

Available now on most major platforms, and as part of our annual Spotify playlist, ‘Tread Lightly’ hits with an air of innovation, offering something new every time you tune in. Check it out below along the official visualiser.

A wonderful new release that will have fans of modern rap hooked in moments, ’Tread Lightly’ is a powerful introduction to both artists. Tune into the new cut above and make sure you lend your support by following them on Spotify, Instagram, or by sharing their new single.

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