Mike Trask – ‘Love On The Rise’ (Feat. Julie Aubé)

  • 2 min read

With an inimitable vocal style and raucous live shows, Mike Trask has become a staple of the east coast music community. Delivering a unique sound that evocatively blends acoustic rock with contemporary blues, Mike has created a unique songwriting legacy that deconstructs traditional genre conventions and reshapes the familiar into something extraordinary.

While previous features of Mike’s work have focused largely on his albums, our most recent publication takes hold of his stellar new single, a stripped-back and wonderfully collaborative piece that reminds us all of just how entrancing folk can really be. A timeless ballad that perfectly combines emotional depth with raw, honest music, ‘Love On The Rise’ might just be one of his most effective and enduring singles to date.

To create the timeless new classic, Mike has teamed up with the brilliant Julie Aubé, artfully combining his knack for specific lyrical minutiae with her considerable vocal prowess to deliver a track that is as musically impressive as it is moving. Featuring only sparse acoustic accompaniment, the pair trade-off lead vocals before eventually joining forces to create a heartfelt refrain that will have you enraptured.

Centred on the brilliant contrast between their voices, ‘Love On The Rise’ is filled with an emotional depth that bleeds into the lyrics, with Mike and Julie asking in gorgeous harmony, “Where does love go when it dies? Is there a Heaven for love in the skies?”

Available now on most major platforms, and as part of our annual Spotify playlist, ‘Love On The Rise’ is a unique and worthwhile listening experience, one that proves once and for all that Mike is nearing his creative peak and constantly able to impress fans and critics alike.

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