Inner Space shares hidden struggles and nostalgic synths in ‘All The Pretty Faces’

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Inner Space, the enigmatic master of ambient, experimental, and lo-fi hip-hop, has shared an emotive new single that transports listeners on a gentle, reflective journey. The new track sees the YouTube-based artist shifting his focus from nostalgic, icons of the past to delve into more introspective thoughts, tackling the daily struggles of people who silently suffer from depression.

Titled ‘All The Pretty Faces’, the track weaves together evocative soundscapes with a longing to be heard, balancing personal reflections with more universal tones. The single marks a distinct shift into a more wistful, reflective soundscape for Inner Space. While the artist's previous work is known for its captivating atmosphere and almost warm, nostalgic qualities, ‘All The Pretty Faces" introduces a layer of poignant sentimentality.

However, a sense of unease permeates the track. Static clippings pierce through pleasant tones and a light, airy quality is undercut by these discordant sounds. Distant, yet all-encompassing crowd noises subtly emerge, mirroring the overwhelming feelings of isolation that can accompany depression. Musically, the single treads a fine line between ambient and lo-fi, with the different rhythms colliding perfectly to heighten that sense of conflict, while the light, easing tones draw you in time after time.

Speaking with us about the new single, and his own experiences, Inner Space shared, “This is my attempt to portray the everyday struggles of people who silently suffer from depression. Most of us who have this condition are caught between needing some type of human contact and wanting to be left alone. I hope this track lets people know that they are not alone and it's ok not to be ok sometimes.”

In true form, ‘All The Pretty Faces’ invites listeners on a journey of reflection and overcoming adversity. The music acknowledges the darkness but hints at the possibility of finding beauty and strength in the past. Inner Space's artistry lies in creating a space for acknowledging difficult emotions while subtly hinting at the potential for hope and healing. Inner Space's artistry lies in creating an intimate connection with the ephemeral nature of our memories.

You can stream the new single above via YouTube, and be sure to check out our feature on the previous single ‘Yesterday 1990’, which we said is “instantly relatable and accessible, conjuring up a familiarity that transcends genres and styles, and adds to a shared, universal experience.”

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