Isabelle Tarran – ‘Compulsion’

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A young talent that has been charming and disarming most of Merseyside, Isabelle Tarran has announced herself in perfect form with the release of her latest single, ‘Compulsion’. While already one of her hometown’s most promising new singer-songwriters, it's Isabelle’s latest release that has really captured our attention, drifting through the cosmic ether with a potent mix of arresting melody and bold, self-conscious lyrics.

A single that has already been described as raw, unfiltered, and authentic, ‘Compulsion’ has quickly become a firm favourite online, leaning on heartfelt melodies and charming, candid tones that speak right to the heart. Written and recorded in Isabelle’s bedroom during lockdown at her hall of residence at Goldsmith’s University London, the new single is everything we’ve come to love about modern indie-pop. Shining with vulnerability, candour, and a gorgeous, emotive quality, the song perfectly reflects the struggles with overwhelming desires that we all face from time to time.

“’Compulsion’ is about that compulsive desire we all have to do something even when we know we shouldn’t – and those conflicting emotions of dealing with it afterwards,” Isabelle explained, “This song is written from the heart. I hope it especially connects with my generation, but it’s something that everyone will have experienced at some time in their lives”.

‘Compulsion’ is the first track from Isabelle’s forthcoming EP ‘Becoming’, which is set to be released on September 6th this year and launched at a gig at Jimmy’s in Liverpool at 7:30 pm on the same day.

Born in Salford in 2002, Isabelle spent seven years of her childhood living in New Jersey, and US east coast musical influences are clear to hear in her alt-pop sound. Always musical as a youngster, she set her heart on a career as a songwriter on her 12th birthday after sitting in the front row at an intimate gig by international superstar Birdy at New York’s Rough Trade Records, and since then, she’s never looked back.

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