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C.J. Garton – ‘The Gun’

  • 2 min read

For fans of outlaw country, the name C.J. Garton is sure to ring a few bells. A talented musician who stays true to that ‘real country, real cowboy’ lifestyle, Garton has spent the last few years delivering an impressive stream of quality, country music, and so it's no surprise that his latest single is one of the genre’s absolute best.

Simple titled ‘The Gun’, Garton’s latest epic arrives after a wave of success for the outlaw artist, including forming his own record label and publishing company. Now fully in control of his own music, Garton has never sounded freer or more focussed, and ‘The Gun’ lands as a perfect new chapter in his career.

While his eponymous album might have set the standard, ‘The Gun’ definitely raises the bar, landing with a heartfelt, utterly timeless sound that will captivate and charm anyone who listens. A song told from the point of view of a well-worn firearm, ‘The Gun’ tells a story of good, evil and the grey between, emotively outlining everything it’s capable of.

Backed by an equally powerful lyric video that stitches together some famous scenes from history, ‘The Gun’ has become a worldwide phenomenon, and with over 150,000 streams and views across Spotify and YouTube, it isn’t showing any signs of stopping.

With 2021 well underway, Garton has already laid his intentions clear, and ‘The Gun’ is just the beginning. With plans for more new music, a double vinyl release, and plenty of live shows in the near future, Garton is set to become one of the biggest and most authentic names in modern country.

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