IVORY BLUE – Red Light

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A free-spirited musician with a penchant for crafting tender, often haunting alt-rock anthems that draw heavily from their own experiences, IVORY BLUE has risen to become a truly iconic figure in modern music. After making their mark with touching singles like ‘Family Tables’ and the undeniable ‘Heavy’, IVORY BLUE is capitalising on their raw sound with the release of new single ‘Red Light’.

Born in Illinois and raised in Indiana, IVORY BLUE was originally given the name Devin Miclette, but their journey truly began when they were given up for adoption at the tender age of four. After going through multiple foster homes, they were finally adopted into a family five years later but were unable to settle. Feeling forced to run away, IVORY BLUE left home at the age of fifteen and has been travelling ever since.

With a life cloaked in hardship, IVORY BLUE’s sound is an honest and wonderfully raw exploration of their struggles, bravely combining honest and cathartic sounds with hard-earned wisdom and universal life lessons. In their previous singles, IVORY BLUE explored dark, emotive sounds, delivering a flurry of stark, acoustic tones and synth-laden pop hooks that were deeply personal and wonderfully relatable.

On ‘Red Light’, IVORY BLUE takes a moment for themselves, breaking away from the hard times and reflecting on life with a more vibrant and up-tempo sound. As poised and polished as ever, the new single sees IVORY BLUE taking us on a captivating journey, building her latest narrative from catchy riffs, soaring chorus, and enjoyable vocal refrains. Musically, it's an inspired piece that seamlessly blends 80’s inspired pop with more textured country overtones, creating a strong foundation that is layered beautifully with decorative synth tones.

At its core, ‘Red Light’ explores the dangers of burning out and losing it all, offering poignant lines like “I had it all, I never thought to lose”, and giving a voice to an overlooked struggle of the modern-day. Speaking about the new single, IVORY BLUE explained, “Sometimes we need to stop doing what we are doing before we lose it all to give ourselves a break from a hard life”.

A confessed vagabond, IVORY BLUE started writing music at the age of fourteen, creating a unique alt-rock sound that was layered with pop influences and echoes of classic singer-songwriter sounds. After starting performances in coffee shops and small venues, they immediately captured the hearts of young and old with ingeniously composed songs and powerful lyrics that are driven by painful life stories that relate to so many.

For more from IVORY BLUE, make sure you visit their social media pages and website, where all their previous releases can be found.

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