Karen Harding – ‘I've Got A Secret’

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With a unique, ethereal style that delves into the heart of modern indie pop, Karen Harding has become one of Melbourne’s most exciting new talents. Delivering an emotive listening experience that builds from her alluring vocals and soft, expressive instrumentals, Karen is an artist on the verge of international acclaim, and it’s all thanks to singles like the gorgeous ‘I’ve Got A Secret’.

Touching on topics such as anxiety, self-worth, and our obsession with portraying ourselves as perfect in every way, ‘I’ve Got A Secret’ is all about embracing your flaws and learning to become comfortable with the side of yourself that isn’t always perfect. At its core, it’s a single that is deeply human and utterly mystifying, highlighting hidden moments and bravely putting them on show.

Musically, the single is a perfect illustration of Karen’s talents, offering a flawless melody and beautiful vocals that draw you in and capture a pristine moment in time. It follows, that Karen’s music acts as an outlet for her feelings and emotions, and there’s a lifetime of experience and heart locked within ‘I’ve Got A Secret’ that shines bright in every listen.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘I’ve Got A Secret’ captures emotions with empathy and pain in equal measure, creating a safe space where we can feel comfortable accepting our imperfections. As well as being a standalone single, the track is also the first release to be taken from Karen’s upcoming EP of the same name, which will be released in its entirety by October 2022.

Music has always been a part of Karen’s life, beginning piano lessons at the age of six and singing lessons at fourteen. Since then, she has played everywhere from cafes and bars around the northeastern suburbs of Melbourne to podcasts and online radio shows.

With five singles currently to her name, and her highlight anticipated EP round the corner, Karen has been steadily growing her following, winning over fans and critics alike, along with the Bendigo Bank sponsored ‘Independent Songwriter Talent Show’ on Radio Eastern FM in November 2021.

You can stream the new single above via Spotify and make sure you follow Karen on her social media pages below, as she’ll be releasing one single from the new EP each month until its full release in October.

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