J-Hi - ‘Blessings’

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Emerging from the hip-hop world with faith and passion, J-Hi is one of many new rappers making waves across the US. A self-proclaimed Christian rapper who gave his life to Christ about two years ago, J-Hi has become an emphatic voice in the Chicago scene, releasing a string of singles that outline who his life has changed since finding religion.

His most recent release, ‘Blessings’ is a heartwarming and all-encompassing release like only J-Hi can produce, delivering a poignant reminder of the daily blessings we have in life. Built on scintillating synth tones, tempered, quick-stepping beats, and vocals dripping with auto-tuned melody, ‘Blessings’ is an impressive illustration of J-Hi’s style and sound.

Released on Thanksgiving, perfectly in sync with the theme of the song, ‘Blessings’ hits home time and time again, reminding us of the daily blessings that surround us. Whether you’re Christian or not, J-Hi has created a release that is accessible and enjoyable, ensuring every hip-hop fan will find something to enjoy.

Speaking of the single with us, J-Hi explained, “Gave my life to Christ about 2 years ago and was called to make music in his name. God has changed my life in many ways and now I glorify him. My single ‘Blessings’ which came out on Thanksgiving is just a reminder of how good God is. Every morning we wake up, we’re blessed. I also already have a couple tracks out and have many more to come along with performances..my quote is ‘my walk in life is a walk with Christ’.”

Having already opened for some big names artists like Twista and Lil Flip, J-Hi is busily carving out an impressive career for himself, and ‘Blessings’ is another brilliant chapter in his ever-growing legacy. For more from J-Hi, be sure to check out his Instagram and TikTok pages below, along with his Spotify page where you can stream previous singles ‘Oh My God’ and ‘On Fire’.

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