Scoob Rock & Lifeline - ‘Let Me Tell It (Remix)’

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A talented artist currently based in Sweden, Scoob Rock recently made his mark alongside the talented Lifeline with the release of their hip-hop epic ‘We Move Independently’. A sixteen-track anthology that presented the artists as a formidable musical duo, it illustrated their exceptional lyricism and stunning delivery in perfect form.

For those not yet acquainted with the album, ‘We Move Independently’ has become a seminal slice of contemporary hip-hop since its release earlier this year, gaining positive reviews and feedback from publications like Jukebox Time. Now, Scoob Rock has delivered an impressive remix of ‘Let Me Tell It’, one of the album’s standout tracks, channelling a new creative direction and repurposing it perfectly for a new album.

Released with Lifeline and The Cook, the remix brings the track to its bare instincts, stripping it to the raw, expressive essentials. Through a ruminative cluster of gunshots, smooth melodic tones, and subtle static clings, the three artists artfully tackle the pitfalls of the modern age, highlighting the weight and growing toil of gun violence. It’s a powerful and poignant piece, building a stunning original song from a wonderfully effective beat.

Speaking briefly about the new single, Scoob Rock shared, “‘Let Me Tell It’ is a remix of a song on the album ‘We Move Independently’, we heard the beat and we just thought it would be a nice remix that will be on the new album called ‘The Fire Within’ coming January 2024.”

Originating from Sweden, Scoob Rock and Lifeline began their journey as solo artists. It was a serendipitous collaboration on a track a year ago that ignited their artistic connection, and since then, they’ve been going from strength to strength. With the release of the new remix, Scoob Rock and Lifeline have shown they still have plenty to give, setting an impressive standard for their upcoming album.

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