Jack’s Got A Plan – ‘Swimming’

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A close-knit trio of writers from the Midlands, Jack’s Got A Plan only recently arrived on our radar, bringing with them a keen pop-inspired sound. After releasing their slow-burning EP ‘Heartache in the Making’ in 2018, and a string of singles a few years later, the band has recently hit out with ‘Swimming’, a new cut that takes their sound in a bold new direction.

Blending pop and rock into a cosmic synth-driven new single, ‘Swimming’ sees the band taking on a more expansive creative route. It’s a song that goes through several evolutions throughout its four-minute run, tapping into ‘80s synth-pop and timeless rock that is cut by gruff, grunge-infused vocals. It’s a mix that takes you by surprise, hinting at familiar styles, while constantly pulling you to the left and refusing to fit in any one genre.

Behind the song, there’s a more heartfelt message than the melody implies, with the lyrics and vocals speaking through simple passages and calling refrains of “floating down the river”, delivering a touching sense of fragility that develops as the song plays. It’s a clever move, showing the band’s ability to draw out emotion in a piece, while still holding firm to an engaging central melody.

When speaking about the single, Pete Bogue explained, that it’s a “bit different from previous more pop-based songs. It’s called ‘Swimming’, starts at birth, and is a reminder not to leave it too late to thank the ones you love and who helped you grow.”

Built on the talents of songwriters and musicians Hanlon, Johnson, and Bogue, Jack’s Got A Plan have worked hard to curate a style that is eclectic, honest, and unmistakably their own, and ‘Swimming’ is exactly that. Inspired by real-life experiences, it’s a song that was allowed to find its own sound, and it’s all the better for it.

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