Jacob Winthrop Music Co. – ‘Missin Out’

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Just a few months ago, we stumbled upon the wonderful indie sounds of Jacob Winthrop, a talented musician and performer who has been steadily taking over California’s West Coast. Armed with the emotional indie anthem of ‘I Took Your Word’, Jacob built a beautiful, and wonderfully intoxicating presence, crafting a deft alt-rock groove that shone with authentic vibes and heartfelt truths. Today, Jacob is back with another gorgeous release, the heartfelt ‘Missin Out’.

Capturing hearts and minds with his seamlessly blend of groovy backbeats, driving bass lines, and laid-back jazzy guitar chords, Jacob’s music is a colourful reflection of everyday moments, offering a new perspective to our daily struggles. In ‘Missin Out’, it’s that feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning, ruminating about an uneventful Saturday while your ‘friends’ post pictures and memories of a party you weren’t invited to.

A song filled with contrasting vibes, ‘Missin Out’ looks into those complicated feelings between feeling rejuvenated from a quiet night in, while also tackling the jealousy and hurt that comes with missing out on all the fun. Both musically and lyrically, Jacob’s new single is a masterpiece of modern music, leaning heavily on his personal touches and honest moments to reflect universal feelings with a keen artistic sentiment.

What makes ‘Missin Out’ truly stand apart is its use of original instruments, which Jacob has written and performed all by himself. Carried by waves of guitar that provide the single with a calling, personal sound, it’s a sweet, harmonic release highlighted by smooth tones, confident vocals, and lyrics that are pleasant, introspective and flawless.

Available now on all streaming platforms, along with our very own Spotify playlist for 2021, ‘Missin Out’ is a gorgeous, progressive piece from Jacob Winthrop, and it continues to build on his uncanny ability to create music that will want to dance, laugh, cry, and live more fully whenever you hear it.

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