Jake Huffman - 'Martyr'

Connecticut born and bred artist Jake Huffman creates a euphoric realm of indie pop rock, bringing his anthemic energy to a global audience. As lead vocalist and drummer, the multi-instrumentalist was previously known for his time in the viral alt rock band, McLovins. Having taken the time to rediscover who he is as a solo artist, Jake returns with a complete arsenal of new music, all of which has been entirely written, performed and produced by Jake himself. 

His latest single 'Martyr' was written, recorded and produced at the world renowned PowerStation New England Studio and forms a cohesive ode to his upcoming EP. With compelling discourses, the track explores a commentary about dying on a hill, as he explains, “The lyrics aren’t about what I personally believe. Everywhere I look people are spouting their beliefs while contradicting themselves in the same breath. The world has become so polarizing and I wanted this song to encapsulate that energy.”

With the perfect punch of redemption, his musicality comes to life. Huffman's anthemic vocal energy rises atop crashing choruses, soaring melodies and the alt-rock infused rhythms he's been known to possess. With broadening soundscapes and truly impeccable capability, it’s Jake's hope that listeners will take what they need from the song, as he explores a journey into creativity.

Accompanied by a sound that pulls deep from his rock roots and reaches far into what can only be described as the sound of the 20’s, his latest single consolidates his status as an exceptional talent.

Jake’s latest project is an amalgamation of his musical influences and vast heritage of experience. At the age of 14, Jake and his band McLovins posted on YouTube a cover of Phish’s 'You Enjoy Myself' from his parents basement in Connecticut. Overnight the video went viral and sparked a rabid following of fans around the world. Since then, he has shared the stage with Blink-182, Foster The People, BB King and The Flaming Lips. 

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