Gray Days – ‘Chasing’

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Throughout the latter half of 2022, Gray Days was one of the rare and brilliant new artists that we just couldn’t praise enough. An enigmatic talent from the Central Coast who delivers his music in straight shots of ensnaring sonic ambience, Gray Days is an artist making music on his own terms.

After teasing us with a string of impressive singles, including his tantalising debut single, ‘Transcend’, Gray Days shared his most ambitious project, a nine-track album of subtle pop leanings that were cast a drift in a sea of ambient tones and heartfelt indie melodies. It was an album that warmly invited you in, never pushing too hard or demanding total attention, but instead, gently unfolded and spread across every fibre until you were encased in a joyous, touchingly nostalgic sound.

A true highpoint for Gray Days, the album closed 2022 in perfect form, but today, he’s back in the spotlight and looking to start the new year with just as much drive and determination. His first new music of the year, ‘Chasing’ is a chilled-out single that takes form from bold bass lines and a nuanced blend of both acoustic and electric guitar. Musically, it’s a step into more vibrant, dance-driven melodies, contrasting the more familiar indie-pop aesthetics with a tender, up-tempo style.

Featuring additional instrumentals from Gray Days’ regular collaborators, Michael Greville and Adam Church, ‘Chasing’ is the sound of an artist well and truly in his element, pushing styles and exploring territories with an ever-growing confidence.

Available now on most major platforms, ‘Chasing’ is a track that you can’t help but get excited about, and if it’s any indication of how the year will go, we’re all going to enjoy some very good music in 2023.

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