Janelle Safford's Shares Her Nostalgic New Single 'High School'

Janelle Safford’s latest release, 'High School,' is a heartfelt ode to the days of youth, capturing the bittersweet longing to revisit those formative years with newfound wisdom. As a dedicated musician and a rising star in the industry, Safford has poured her academic prowess and practical experience into crafting a song that resonates with listeners of all ages.

A music production major at the California Institute of the Arts, Janelle has honed her skills in songwriting, production, and instrumentation, which are evident in her latest single. 'High School' is a poignant reflection on the innocence and mistakes of adolescence, conveyed through evocative lyrics and a polished pop sound.

In each chorus, Janelle encapsulates the sentiment of the track, calling out with, "And now I miss high school, cause I wanna do it over better, and I just want another chance to be young, but not so naive again." Throughout, she invites listeners to reminisce about their own high school experiences and the universal desire to right past wrongs with the wisdom of hindsight.

'High School' is the latest addition to Janelle’s growing discography, following her previous single 'Stand By You,' which showcased her proficiency in the pop genre with a blend of piano, ukulele, and synths. As she works towards the release of her debut album in the summer of 2025, Janelle continues to refine her artistic vision and expand her musical horizons.

Beyond her individual pursuits, Janelle has made significant contributions to her community. As the founder and president of the California Institute of the Arts Ukulele Club, she has demonstrated her leadership skills and commitment to fostering musical engagement among her peers. Her professional experiences with prominent music companies have further enriched her understanding of the industry, making her a well-rounded and formidable presence in the music world.

Janelle's 'High School' is more than just a song; it's a reflective journey through time, inviting listeners to embrace their past and cherish the lessons learned along the way. With her solid academic background, practical experience, and unwavering passion for music, Janelle is poised to make a significant impact in the world of music.

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