Daffodildos Drop First Single ‘No Pride’ With Not-For-Profit Indie Label Not Saints

Hailing from the LGBTQIA+ haven of Brighton, queer-trans punk trio Daffodildos are ready to rattle the status quo with their infectious, socio-politically charged tunes. Hot off their appearance at Bearded Theory Festival, the neon-clad misfits have shared their debut single, ‘No Pride’, via Not Saints Records.

Singer/guitarist Emily Flea explains the inspiration behind the track: “I wrote it [No Pride] when I was on a bus in London during Pride Month, and I saw shops… banks… police cars with rainbow flags and I was like, ‘what’s this got to do with Pride’? They’re not with us, they’re against us!”.

‘No Pride’ is an instant punk classic, capturing the essence of Pride’s commercialisation without sounding preachy. The song confronts the stark reality that Pride is often used as an excuse to party, while the LGBTQIA+ community faces ongoing stigma and abuse throughout the year.

Musically, ‘No Pride’ is a throwback to early punk, featuring Emily Flea’s raw, shouty vocals, Annie von Flange’s frenetic drumming, and Captain Jax’s rumbling bass and backing vocals.

Despite their self-deprecating humour – "the music is as bad as the name” – Daffodildos are already making a mark in the queer and punk scenes, using their platform to advocate for sobriety, veganism, and other ethical issues.

Whether you’re gay, straight, sober, or even a fan of punk music, ‘No Pride’ will have you jumping and flipping off the establishment. This is a song for everyone who feels disillusioned with the commercialisation of Pride and wants to reclaim its true meaning.

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