Jazmina – ‘In Our Time’

Hailing from four generations of preachers and musicians, Jazmina has risen to become one of the most renowned house music divas of this generation. Discovered in Rutgers University's Liberated Gospel Choir by Ace Mungin, Jazmine quickly developed a love of house music, beginning her career at the legendary Club Zanzibar. It was a whirlwind beginning, one that saw her joining INTENSE and gaining recognition for her stunning vocals on the hit track ‘Let the Rain Come Down’, a house classic that endures to this day. As Jazmina’s talents developed, she was involved in a string on underground classics, including ‘I See You’, Shelter’s smooth ‘High on Hope’, and KULT’s undeniably funky ‘Good Time’, but today, Jazmina has well and truly solidified her status a modern house legend with the release of her new EP, ‘In Our Time’.

While her career has led Jazmina to work with a medley of iconic producers and vocalists such as Tony Humphries, Kerri Chandler, Louie Vega, Johnny Dangerous, Willy Washington, and Kenny Bobien, her new EP is a true highlight, seamlessly blending her gospel vocals with some timeless acoustic sounds.

A heartfelt release that rises from a powerful stream of folk-tinged, stripped back, ballads that are purpose-built to stir the soul and warm the heart, ‘In Our Time’ is easily one of this year’s most charming new releases. Throughout the five tracks, Jazmina seamlessly weaves a vibrant thread of folk and Bossanova sounds, stitching them together with her soulful vocals and a deep, expressive style. Through shifting waves of vulnerable moments and stark, evocative lyrics, Jazmina expresses a woman’s inner thoughts, outlining her desires, struggles, and heartaches with an undeniable honesty.

An impressive departure from the soulful house sound that Jazmina is known for, ‘In Our Time’ is downtempo, but expressive, offering a true musical experience that crosses genres and perfectly showcases her pristine vocals.

Released today via modern label Knoziz Recordings, ‘In Our Time’ is available now on all major platforms, ensuring that no matter what your preference, it will be able to stir your soul and move your feet. Stream the EP above via Spotify, or find it on Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and YouTube here.

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