James With the Drip – ‘Back Around’

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A talented producer and artist with a sharp ear for vibrant dance anthems, James With The Drip has been making his mark on modern music ever since his debut single dropped on Spotify last year. A unique and refreshingly original artist, James has been on our radar for a while, but now, with the release of his debut, twelve-track album, it’s time to put the spotlight right where it belongs and ensure that the world knows his name.

A multi-faceted artist who sings, plays bass guitar, and has boundless creativity, James builds his music on his double bachelor’s degree in music and computer science, combining his twin passions to create some of the most intoxicating electronic pieces that you’ll hear in this or any other year. After falling in love with classic musical while in college, James refined his musical style in a variety of bands, cutting his teeth on classical sounds, as well as in some more expansive and traditional rock groups. A lover of all styles and genres, James’ music combines elements of hip-hop, RnB, funk, and visceral indie rock, stitching together the best parts of each genre to create a sound that is uniquely his.

A true illustration of his style ‘Back Around’ is a perfect introduction to James’ hybrid sound, offering twelve complete tracks that stand well above the mainstream. Filled with highlights like ‘Falling from You’, ‘Be Your Man’, and ‘If You Never Try’, there’s plenty on offer, and James weaves a near-perfect tapestry of infectious sounds, kaleidoscopic beats, and finely layered dance-rock melodies that will stick with you for weeks to come.

You can stream the full album on Spotify below, and be sure to check out ‘Be Your Man’ on our annual Spotify playlist along with a plethora of other massive independent releases.

A true talent to watch James With the Drip has quickly become one of our favourite new artists, and if he can keep producing albums like ‘Back Around’, he’ll surely be an international name in the next few years.

Wonderfully cohesive and undeniably strong, James’ album conveys a unique and personal concept filled with bold emotions, pain, and love, ‘Back Again’ is an essential new record. Be sure to tune in above to experience the album for yourself and check out James’ social media pages below to hear more of his work.

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