Jeff Draco Unveils Sun-Soaked Single 'Mirrors' Ahead of New EP Release

Rising artist Jeff Draco has just unveiled his latest single, 'Mirrors', perfectly timed to capture the essence of a sun-soaked summer. This track marks Draco’s most intentional and ambitious exploration of surf rock, seamlessly blended with his signature dreamy indie-pop sound. The result is an irresistible earworm poised to soundtrack afternoons of catching waves, basking in the sun, or reminiscing on young summer love.

'Mirrors' is the second single from Draco's highly anticipated EP, 'Attitude', set to be released on Friday, September 13th, 2024. The track follows the May release of the EP’s title track, 'Attitude (I Want More)', which Get Some Mag hailed as an indie anthem. 'Attitude' has been expertly mixed and mastered by GRAMMY Award-winning sound engineer Patrick Kehrier, known for his work with Lizzo, Paramore, and Waterparks.

In Draco's own words, “'Mirrors’ is about being completely captivated by someone new, to the point where you overlook any problems and just enjoy the moment. It’s my strongest experimentation with surf rock, and I wanted it to feel like the perfect summer day.”

Despite only releasing two singles in 2023 - 'Letters', a poignant track about heartbreak, and 'Never Gonna Be The Same'. an introspective dancefloor draw - Draco’s new single ushers in a long-awaited era that almost didn’t happen. Following the release of his 2022 EP 'Freezing in Hollywood', Draco’s laptop was stolen, and with it, the only backup of his new project. This setback nearly led to the shelving of 'Attitude'. However, over the next six months, Draco revisited the project with fresh ears and renewed determination, infusing new life into every aspect and expanding his sound.

The collaboration with Kehrier has undoubtedly added a polished touch to the EP. This period of creative rebirth also saw Draco performing alongside notable artists like Rebounder, Ray Bull, Boyscott, Carlie Hanson, and Vallis Alps. His nearly sold-out headline performance at The Atlantis in March and a celebrated appearance at Georgetown University’s Earth Day Benefit Concert further cement his growing reputation.

With his single 'Dreamgirl' amassing 725,000 streams, Jeff Draco is steadily building momentum. The Washington City Paper has dubbed him "one of D.C.'s most popular indie-pop artists," while The Luna Collective notes he’s “on track to become the next household name in the indie music scene.”

The release of 'Attitude' on September 13th, 2024, marks a pivotal moment in Draco's career, promising a collection of tracks that encapsulate his artistic growth and dedication.

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