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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Jim Alxndr - 'Feelings Worth Living For'

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Heavy on harmonies, effervescent instrumentation and a pixelated version of R&B, Jim Alxndr pioneers creative production with his latest EP ‘Feelings Worth Living For’. An expansive look at the multi-faceted human condition, the Gold Coast born, Melbourne-via-Boston based Jim Alxndr turns inward in order to look outward.

Bleeding into this EP is Jim’s finely-tuned ear as a producer which he has honed over the years working on a number of high-stakes international releases. Jim has production credits on Carly Rae Jepson ‘Real Love’ (5.1 million streams), Jack Garrett ‘Better’ (2.59 million streams), Paul Moody ‘All I Had Was You’ (2.53 million streams) to name a few. He further has additional mixing credits on Delaney Bailey ‘Love Letter From The Sea to the Shore’ (4.8 million streams), Will Paquin ‘Circles’ (3.01 million streams) and more.

The six-track EP of electro-acoustic sound collages ebbs and flows between emotional vocal arabesques and playful instrumentation. The production is reminiscent of the groundbreaking work of critically acclaimed producer and musician James Blake and lies in a similar vein to Australian artists Cub Sport, E^ST, and Rufus Du Sol.

Jim explained, “Feelings Worth Living For" started as an inquisition - what happens if I just let go and make whatever I’m hearing? It ended up becoming a journey for me to work through my confidence as both a musician and a human; a massive lesson in life and music. This record felt a bit like high school for me - a constantly evolving experience that’s full of challenges that you emerge as a different person at the end of.”

Opening the EP is the already released lead single ‘Sticks and Stones’. Setting the stage for the remainder of the EP it showcases Jim’s production prowess with mammoth choruses and varied textures. This then bleeds into a slower tune ‘Bahamas’, sacrificing none of the power. Over the course of the six tracks, Jim combines intense introspection with an appreciation of beauty, venturing into the liminal spaces of existence through cinematic soundscapes. The  tracks in the EP were mixed by esteemed Nathan Boddy with mastering by Matt Colton (Muse, James Blake, Flume).

Jim continued,“The songs on 'Feelings Worth Living' For all feel like big, understanding hugs to me. Like the best friend you call at 2am crying cause you know they’re gonna pick up and you know they’re gonna accept you no matter what you’re going through. Or the picture of your partner on your phone lock screen that you look at and can’t help but smile at. The songs seem to listen to my thoughts and give me back an understanding of our current existence - hence the name of the EP.”

With the ability to evoke introspective awe and wonder at the world around him, Jim Alxndr’s art form is boundless and expansive. Never attempting to create with a predisposed idea, each song is brought to life like a sculptor working in the dark. Creating on intuition, the results form an accurate time capsule of Jim’s state of mind and life.

Speaking further about the project, Jim explained, “It (the project as a whole) also serves as a beautiful history of my musical journey. Every release transports me to a different period of my life, and though they’re all sonically different, I see it as a representation of the many different sides of me (as there are of every human on earth). I’m really happy that I released the things that felt relevant to me at the time, rather than waiting to release the ‘perfect’ album or EP. That way, fans get to know a more accurate version of me as a human rather than some genre/style machine. We all change constantly and I think Jim Alxndr shows me the ways that I do.”

Jim’s unique brand of production has carved out a devout following with breakout single ‘Fruit Salad’ at 1.37 million streams and monthly listeners hovering around the 30k mark. He’s gained attention with praise from industry tastemakers such as Tagg, Trouble Juice, Futuremag Music, Amplify, Pilerats and more. Further, his sound has found a home among radio networks with widespread support from triple j, FBi, Triple R, 4ZZZ, 2RRR, Radio Adelaide and more. 

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