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Jordi Forniés – ‘The King’

  • 2 min read

A classically trained musician, composer, and visual artist, Jordi Forniés has become a near-constant fixture on our website, championing the blossoming neo-classical scene and delivering some of the most innovative and intoxicating compositions of the last few years. With a style characterised by a continuum between tender overarching refrains and defined sequences with increasing momentum, Jordi has created a unique and wonderfully expansive musical world, one that stems from his own creative explorations.

While previous singles like ‘Night Watcher’ and the recent ‘Soluble Leaf’ have all drawn praise for their masterful use of textures, deep contemplative sounds, and sharp neo-classical inflexions, it’s his latest emotive piece that we’re channelling today, shining a bright spotlight on a brilliant new piece that is simply titled, ‘The King’.

Easily one of Jordi’s most captivating compositions so far, ‘The King’ sees the talented artist continuing to infuse his songs with evolving narratives, filling the instrumental spaces with a deeper meaning and plenty of expressive tones. For ‘The King’, Jordi has masterfully blended piano and cello, weaving their timeless sounds into a five-minute piece that explores acceptance, loss, love, and perseverance.

Speaking openly about the new release on his social media pages, Jordi explained, “Today I am releasing another piece for piano and cello. The King is a composition that tells a story of being both loved and rejected, the path we need to accept to follow our dreams and achieve them.”

Available now on all major platforms, as well as on our annual and neo-classical Spotify playlists, ‘The King’ is a rare and essential new release that defines a new age of classical music.

Along with the release of ‘The King’, Jordi has also finished work on a new project entitled ‘No Passing of Time’, which he began a few months ago. A bold artistic endeavour, the project is a gorgeous work of oil on canvas that is slated to become the cover art for a future musical release.

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