Jorm and The Marvelous Raindrops shares a tantalising glimpse of new album with ‘Passport’

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A unique and multi-faceted artist with a knack for shifting between styles and sounds, Jorm and The Marvelous Raindrops has recently shared his new project ‘north cotner boulevard’, taking to Bandcamp to share the acoustic album. An expressive project that stands tall within the artist’s diverse discography, it’s a project built on brilliant singles like ‘Passport’.

Born in Colorado, but growing up in Lincoln, Jorm was exposed to a blossoming music scene at a young age, experiencing local artists on the Saddle Creek label, along with artists like Elliott Smith. As he grew up, Jorm’s musical tastes became more diverse, and his artistry perfectly reflects his unique range of styles and sounds, dabbling in everything from Djent and harsh noise to dark ambience, metal, and hip-hop.

An expressive example of Jorm’s raw, acoustic indie inspirations, ‘Passport’ is a droning, subtly melodic track that blends a meandering storytelling vibe with nuanced folk ideals. A modern release that holds firm to a timeless Americana feel and steeped ambient tones, ‘Passport’ is emotive, honest, and unique to Jorm and The Marvelous Raindrops.

Speaking openly about his music and releases, Jorm has explained that he uses his music as a way to express his pain and struggles, pouring his heart and feelings into each piece in the hope that someone will be able to connect and find a sense of solace. He continued, “I use a lot of subtle irony and metaphors, with a black comedy vibe that is somewhat subtle, but I know for sure that there are people out there who it would resonate with.”

An expressive and intriguing artist whose Bandcamp page is constantly engaging, Jorm and The Marvelous Raindrops embodies independent music in all the best ways. You can connect with Jorm via his Bandcamp page below, where you’ll find all his albums, from indie folk to ambient drone metal. While the lines between the albums blur, as Jorm works to differentiate his various projects, it’s a journey well worth taking.

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