LA’s Izzy Outerspace carves out a new musical direction with the stunning ‘Takes Time’

An impressive singer and songwriter born in Switzerland, but now calling Los Angeles home, Izzy Outerspace is an artist heavily inspired by classic ‘90s sounds. With a talent for creating emotionally charged songs backed by confessional storytelling and light touches of cathartic, yet sarcastic brilliance, Izzy has become an artist to watch in 2024, and her new single cements her status as one of the best new talents around.

Titled ‘Takes Time’, Izzy’s new single sees the artist continuing to carve out a new musical direction, one that takes lead from artists like Damien Rice, Blur and Jeff Buckley, and draws inspiration from her own life and experiences. Steeped in stark, authentic moments, layered guitar riffs, and Izzy’s sweeping and inescapable vocals, ‘Takes Time’ is a dark, but dreamy track that flows effortlessly. A cascading and wonderfully melodic piece, it’s an intimate track that gets under your skin in all the best ways.

Speaking about the new single, Izzy teased that it was the first song taken from her upcoming EP ‘Lip Service’ which will be available in April this year. The EP will have a special vinyl release, which is available to pre-order now. Izzy added, “It's alternative rock with shoegaze and pop elements, definitely a more upbeat direction for me. I can't wait to share more of the EP!”

Alongside the release of ‘Takes Time’, Izzy has also shared a stunning music video for the song. Available above via YouTube, the video was directed Paige Stark. Echoing the dreamy, nostalgic quality of the track, the video is a welcome accompaniment that helps add even greater depth to the listening experience.

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