Karan Viegas – ‘Summertime’

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A talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, and artist based in Brooklyn, NY, Karan Viegas has been exploring a unique world of jazz fusion and neo-soul for years, creating a unique cinematic world that is illustrative, eclectic and constantly innovative. A true creative visionary, everything Karan does is written, recorded, mixed, and produced entirely on their own, often in their Brooklyn bedroom where inspiration hits and words can flow freely.

In their latest single, the aptly titled ‘Summertime’, Karan has begun to expand upon their sound, enlisting the help of Mumbai and Toronto based artist Achanté to deliver something fresh and wonderfully original.

Charged with sultry summer sounds, the new single is a warm, neo-soul cover of the evergreen Gershwin classic 'Summertime', woven with Indian and African influences. A gorgeous re-imagination of the song, Karana and Achanté’s version see the two artists trading verse and layering their unique vibes over arrangements of percussive chants, lush pads and several modulations, all set to a lazy summer soundscape of birds, meadows and swaying trees. As the track continues, it progressively builds in momentum, adding new sounds and instrumentals to the cascading melody, eventually expanding into a glorious Afro-influenced soundscape. 

Speaking openly about the new single, Karan explained, “The process of recording was surprisingly smooth. Once I came up with the arrangement, I recorded all the instrument layers in my bedroom, before doing a Zoom call with Chantelle to pin down all the vocal cues and ad-libs. She laid down her sections pretty much overnight. I also eventually decided to take a verse, which is the first time I’m singing in any of my tracks!”

The track was mixed by Karan Viegas and mastered in Rio de Janeiro by Andre Dias of Post Modern Mastering, who has previously worked with artists like João Gilberto, Pedro Martins and Sample Kulture.  Karan, who has a background in design and technology, also designed the cover artwork, explaining, “It’s a visual interpretation of this cover - a rich and vibrant explosion of summertime energy that everyone needs after the long and dark winter.”

The new single is Karan’s third overall, and he is set to release his fourth, a theatrical hip hop collaboration, very soon, followed by his debut EP.

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