Joules Rio – ‘Wake You Up’

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A singer and songwriter who has been enchanting the beautiful coast of Florida for the past few years, Joules Rio is a unique creative force. With a flowing, expressive sound that shifts between genres and defies all expectations, Joules has cultivated a style that is entirely of her own making. Eclectic and wonderfully disarming, her style has been called “retro music from the future", and never before has that description been more fitting than with her new single ‘Wake You Up’.

A song that emerges from a unique combination of bass guitar, ethereal keys, and strong, sensual vocals, ‘Wake You Up’ is a perfect example of Joules’ music defies any set genre, pushing forward with a shimmering cascade of neo-soul sounds and sharp urban flavours. Layering every moment with a deft combination of sounds, Joules creates her very own magical world and then bends it to her will, creating an intoxicating sound that is buoyed perfectly by a powerful piece of poetry by Travis Harry of ‘Til Nirvana Tribe.

When looking back through Joule’s music, it's clear that every song is different and tells its own story. While some songs might lean towards more traditional rock, and others are made to move and dance to, ‘Wake You Up’ is something new entirely. Spiritual and expressive, it’s an open canvass that every listener can fill with their own experiences, all you need is a few minutes and an open mind.

You can stream the new single below via Spotify, or find it now on our Spotify playlists along with a host of other impressive and innovative pieces.

Arguably one of her most engaging releases to date, ‘Wake You Up’ has already garnered over 10,000 streams on Spotify so far, and that’s just the beginning. Make sure you tune in to the new track above and don’t forget to lend your support by following Joules on her social media pages below.

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