Karen Harding delivers her raw and vulnerable new single 'Judge You'

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Today, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Karen Harding shows she isn't afraid to lay her soul bare with new single 'Judge You'. Available now, this deeply emotional new track dives into the complex world of self-judgment, exposing the inner battles we all face.

Inspired by her own journey through counselling sessions, the single sees Karen confronting the double-edged sword of our inner critic, balancing that inner monologue with a contemporary pop sound. In 'Judge You', Karen acknowledges how self-judgment can shield us from the world, even as it holds us back from true growth.

The song's powerful message is amplified by Daniel Nieberg's haunting production and the enchanting, ethereal melodies that Karen blends seamlessly with her pop-infused vocals. It all creates an evocative soundscape that mirrors the intensity of her lyrics, reflecting feelings of inner turmoil through out.

A rising star in Melbourne's music scene, Karen has become known for her fearless exploration of personal experiences through music, and 'Judge You' is another powerful illustration of her abilities. Offering both solace and inspiration, the new single is a relatable and expressive new release from Karen that is well worth exploring.

Since her debut, Karen has built a reputation for heartfelt songwriting and collaborations that push sonic boundaries. Her talent has garnered recognition with awards like the 2021 Bendigo Bank-sponsored Radio Eastern Songwriter Talent Show, her Top Ten finish at the World Songwriting Awards (September 2021), and her nomination as Best International Artist at the Crags Radio Independent Artist Awards (February 2022).

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