Katie Melua - 'Quiet Moves'

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Today, acclaimed singer-songwriter Katie Melua releases her new single ‘Quiet Moves’, the third single from her forthcoming ninth studio album 'Love & Money', out 24th March via BMG. Katie, who has amassed fifty-six platinum certifications and eight consecutive UK top ten albums over her glittering twenty year career, announced the album in January with single Golden Record, and heads off on her UK and European tour in April & May, which includes a landmark show at The Royal Albert Hall in London on the 16th May.

Inspired by the feeling of watching her partner dance for the first time, 'Quiet Moves' is blissfully at ease with itself. Its sun-dappled shuffle and intimate lyrics find Melua exploring the space between her own natural reticence and her partner’s effortless unselfconsciousness - a trait she tried to emulate whilst writing new album 'Love & Money'.

Speaking on the track, Katie explains: “The idea was to create a feeling of effortlessness and ease when the listener plays this album. But how do you do that when my usual method of working can sometimes feel like taking blood out of a stone, where everything else is sacrificed. As we all know, process influences the final sensibility of the work, so if I was to embark on making a Blue-Sky record, a happy record implied that I had to lighten my approach. Not just to record making but to life in general."

"Is it possible to make a great record without sacrificing everything else for that entire period? I had to try, cause working at a relationship was something I needed to do. The strength of feeling made it easy though. How my partner is, both the serious him and the relaxed him, and the kind of atmosphere that’s around him. Just being in each other’s zones feels good.”

Produced by Leo Abrahams (Ghostpoet, Brian Eno, Regina Spektor), 'Love & Money' was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in the summer of 2022 while Katie was pregnant with her newborn son. An exquisite collection of songs sculpted by the gratitude of their creator and the positivity found in a new relationship, it also deals with self-acceptance in the face of change and her attempts to let go of “that background belief that happiness carries less weight than its opposite.”

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