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Kevin Clouds – ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

  • 2 min read

After first coming to our attention with the release of his hard-hitting collaboration ‘Wrong Time’, Kevin Clouds has become one of our most-streamed artists. A rising star of the Michigan rap scene, Kevin has spent years proudly championing his hometown sound, leaning heavily on the enduring Flint legacy to create one of the most impressive hip-hop sounds of the years.

A dedicated rapper, songwriter, and record producer, Kevin’s style is built upon a deft blend of sharp realism, personal experience, and a truly universal appeal, distilling the daily struggles of his hometown into a fine medley of unflinching rap cuts. For Kevin, music is more than just a hobby, it is a refuge that has helped him out of dark times and provided him with a creative outlet to express himself to the world.

While previous single ‘Wrong Time’ arrived as a powerful collaboration with up-and-comer Cameron Tyler, his latest single is a titanic release that it’s entirely his, proving his power and proficiency behind the mic in perfect form. Available now on all major platforms, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is Kevin at his absolute peak, offering a driven line of fresh beats and poetic street rhymes, delivering an emotive, yet wonderfully anthemic about a beautiful woman who uses her sex appeal to finesse men out of their money.

Easily one of the most exciting rap talents of the year, you can get well acquainted with Kevin’s expansive sound below, along with several of his greatest hits on our Spotify playlists.

Proving himself to be an unstoppable musical force, Kevin, along with the help of a few close friends, launched the record label Wav Village in 2019, and he’s remained heavily active in several collaborative projects. Alongside all that, he is also championing the release of his debut album, ‘Nature Knows No King’, which is available now.

For bookings, be sure to send Kevin an email at, or follow him today on his social media pages so you never miss a beat.

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