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V - 'No Church on Sunday'

  • 2 min read

For some, music isn’t simply about making money or finding fame, it’s a higher calling, a way to spread a message and start a revolution. For the enigmatic and fearless V and Forty Million Strong, music has become their weapon of choice, and songs like ‘No Church on Sunday’ have become their enduring anthems.

More than just a rapper, artist, or entertainer, V may have been born in the beating heart of the city, but he was forged in the dark trenches of the country. The uncompromising and unashamed embodiment of ‘Black America’, V has charged himself with becoming the voice for those who have been let down, forgotten, and betrayed by a failing system, speaking out with an unapologetic, fearless, and true sound.

Cloaking his rhetoric in poetic punchlines and a sharp, universal rap sound, V delivers messages of power and change, forcing himself in the public consciousness with controversial, but necessary anthems. Backed by the Forty Million Strong, the self-declared “Evolution of Black Revolution", V has been steadily making his mark in these troubling times, stepping up to the mic with stellar new cuts like ‘No Church on Sunday’.

Armed with a dark cacophony of rap sounds and an uncompromising world view, ‘No Church on Sunday’ is the perfect illustration to V’s politically charged sound, offering an impressive medley of dark trap beats and hard-hitting verse that crash over waves of raw aggression and V’s relentless flow.

A perfect successor to his debut single ‘Inferno’, and a captivating new release that has already gained over 10,000 streams on Spotify alone, ‘No Church on Sunday’ resounds with V’s enduring battle cry, “this isn’t rap, this is revolution!”.

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