Kid Wicked – ‘Schemin’

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An artist who strives to make his dreams become reality through music, Kid Wicked is changing the rules of modern hip-hop. Armed with passion, pen, and paper, he takes leaps every day to not only make his mark on the scene, but to change it for the better. Previously, Kid Wicked has been working hard to refine his sound, but today, he’s finally stepped into the spotlight, surpassing all expectations with debut single ‘Schemin’.

After receiving an honourable discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps, Kid Wicked enrolled into Bunker Hill Community College for Music Production, and ever since then, he’s been learning how to create new experiences for his loyal fanbase. With a sound that pays homage to the golden age of rap, while also bravely looking into the future to find bold, new style, Kid Wicked is a unique force, and ‘Schemin’ is his battle cry.

A massive cut that layers melodic, future wave beats with dazzling electronic sounds and fierce vocals that hold to a brilliant, erratic flow, the new track is a visceral glimpse into Kid Wicked’s newfound sound. Rough and ready, it’s a sound filled with potential and off kilter charm, creating a raw and wonderfully expressive impression that will stick with you long after the song has ended.

Speaking about his music and process, Kid Wicked recently explained, “I make my music with everyone in mind, I want to express myself in as many ways as possible.”

Available now on most major platforms, as well as part of our very own annual Spotify playlist for 2022, where its streaming alongside artists like Jonah and Aidan Selene, ‘Schemin’ is a track that proves just how talented Kid Wicked is.

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