Blynd Birds – ‘Songs To Sink Yachts To’

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One of the United States’ most energetic and uncompromising rock bands, Blynd Birds have been steadily making their mark on the music scene for years. A true force to be reckoned with, they’ve become known for their passionate and wonderfully fierce anthems, challenging social norms and breaking down barriers wherever they find them.

Previously, they’ve won over fans and critics with devastating releases like ‘Find Your Conscience, Baby’ and ‘Watch Me Pass Out’, but today, they’ve unleashed their most cataclysmic album to date, the brilliant ‘Songs To Sink Yachts To’. Described as “a scathing rebuke to the performative government of the United States, particularly Texas,” the album delivers nine of the band’s best tracks, creating a whirlwind of blues, rock, and scintillating punk.

Easily one of their most invigorating releases to date, ‘Songs To Sink Yachts To’ is a blistering showcase of fine craftsmanship and bold experimentation, combining a maelstrom of different aspects of rock music and cranking it up as high as it will go. Using bass guitars, electric guitars, and cymbals to deliver their sound, the band has created an immersive rock-metal atmosphere that is ready to tear right through you.

Songs like ‘Mr. Abbott’s Misogyny Emporium’, and ‘Hate For Fire’ evolve naturally into a fierce ensemble, where the vocal and the instruments fly freely, creating a euphoric sense of atmosphere, while elsewhere, tracks like ‘Burnt Plastic’ hit with an honest and wonderfully raw edge, pushing their sound and agenda brilliantly. It’s a magnificent sound, and one that demands to be heard.

Definitely an album to experience and enjoy, ‘Songs To Sink Yachts To’ is well crafted and filled with relevant, authentic, and undeniably bold contemplations, making it a fantastic addition to any discography. Check it out above via Spotify, and make sure you grab your own copy of the album today via the band’s Bandcamp page.

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