King Brown - 'My Love'

Existing somewhere between suave and grit, WA rockers King Brown are back with their latest hard-hitting single ‘My Love’. Filled with steadfast rhythms and a lingering dive-bar sound, it's a single the pulls from influences likeThe Black Keys, Verge Collection, and The Reubens.

A truly immersive listen, ‘My Love’ will have your heart aching in sympathy for the lovesick melodies, and yet you'll be grooving under a hypnotic spell from the surrounding instrumentation. The release sees King Brown stepping bolding into their sound, marking a pivotal new era for the band. As they explained, “We’ve completely changed the dynamic within the band. With Brendon stepping up from behind the drums to be the fulltime frontman, it’s enhanced our live shows phenomenally. We’ve turned a new page and we’re so excited to see where we can take it.”

Speaking about the single, the band added, “Thematically ‘My love’ is a song about being completely lovesick towards someone. Feelings that are so intense that you’d do anything for them, but in the back of your mind being very insecure and jealous of anyone else because you’re afraid of losing them.”

Recorded at Vision Studios and Bumchic Studios in Claremont, WA. The resulting simmering sound of ‘My Love’ was mixed by Ben Salmin (Old Mervs, Humble Armada) and Mastered by Simon Struthers  (Karnivool, Sly Withers).

King Brown continued, “Production wise we changed things up a little, this is the first song almost completely recorded and released by ourselves. We recorded half of the song at vision studios and the rest at Ben’s Bumchic Studio. Vision studio allowed us to capture that large room sound for the drums and guitars. With Ben mixing this track too, and Shaun creating the artwork, we’re pretty much a fully inhouse band.”

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