Luminaa – ‘Little Games’

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A first wave band from the creative heart of North Dakota, Luminaa are quite unlike anything you would have heard before. Taking inspiration from a range of high energy bands that are rarely associated with pop and electronic music, they’ve created a bold new sound that takes lead from the Neue Deutsche Welle movement of the vibrant ‘80s.

Passionate to succeed in their chosen art form, the band of Noorman ‘Syn’, Todd Callihan, and Tim Dimitri Craft have been delivering a heavy blend of driving beats, vibrant pop melodies, and spiked metal anthems for years. Pushing contemporary EDM to its limits, the band spend our studio time learning how to create and perform all our sounds for the live stage, twisting and turning known genres into an eclectic and devastating mix.

The latest in a long line of impressive releases, ‘Little Games’ has arrived as one of Luminaa’s most exciting releases, offering a perfect illustration of their fierce and fiery sound. Taken from their 2020 album ‘From Death Cats from Outer Space’, the track is a rapturous mix that will have you instantly enchanted, offering a bold EDB sound that echoes long after it’s faded from your speakers.

With over twenty-five years in the music scene between them, the band have already proved their talents well beyond any shadow of a doubt, and if they can keep producing releases like ‘Little Games’, then there’s not telling just how far they’ll go.

Along with their work as a band, Luminaa also invests and operators as Boxing Cat Studios, a full production music and video production studio. You can find more information about both the band and the studio through their website below!

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