Kingswood - ‘Why Should I Let You Go’

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In the midst of an unyielding and record-breaking Australian tour that has seen the band amass together 100+ dates in cities that haven’t seen national touring since the ‘80’s, Kingswood have also brought together their rolling new single ‘Why Should I Let You Go’.

This troubadourian release adds layers of warmth and comfort pulling inspiration from their efforts traversing the wonderful worlds between Nashville and Europe. Traipsing along the highway from town to town, constructing another unforgettable Kingswood performance.

With Alexander Laska and Fergus Linacre’s duetting vocals, ‘Why Should I Let You Go’ adds in beautifully reverberating guitars unveiling a great crescendo contrastingly to first edition ‘Burning Holes’, with rhythm section in tow providing the grand finale.Lyrical themes of solace, resolve and independence float throughout, thus it is only fitting that this reimagined track is released whilst the band are busy doing what they do best, touring every inch of Australia’s landscape. Kingswood are undoubtedly returning to the true ethos of a working artist - plying their trade night after night, fueled by their own sweat, grit and passion.

Speaking about the release, the band explained, "'Why Should I Let You Go?' was recorded on an impromptu and inspired sojourn in Paris, France where we wanted to capture the progression of the song as it developed across Nashville dive bars and the mountains of Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.”

The band continued, “The original was written in solitude, lamenting over a Nashville skyline but very quickly developed a new life on the road with a refreshed and hopeful energetic lift, echoing the reinvigorated musical take that band naturally fell into as we experienced audiences all over the world. The resounding nature of the chorus, pushing the idea that love has a journey for us all seemed to resonate across all environments and languages.”

This announcement sees the band reach 100+ Australian tour dates (with more to come), taking their self-constructed bus ‘Peggy’ on the road to towns that haven’t been reached by nationally touring acts in over 40+ years. Record-breaking numbers for an act that is redefining what it takes to be a “working” musician today.

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