Kowshik Saha - 'Heaven Hell'

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A talented multi-genre artist from India, Kowshik Saha has released his latest original single, which was inspired heavily by the Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd. Titled 'Heaven Hell', the track is available now on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

In true form, 'Heaven Hell' showcases Kowshik’s versatile musical style, combining elements of R&B, pop, and electronic music into one unstoppable track. The song’s lyrics tell a story of a relationship, exploring the blurred lines between heaven and hell, while track’s groove and melodic atmosphere perfectly captures the intensity and emotion.

Kowshik, who is based in Delhi, India, has been honing his craft for several years, collaborating with a range of artists and producers from around the world. His previous releases include the singles 'Just Gotta Know' and 'Just Gotta Know' along with various trending and viral song renditions have garnered praise from music critics and fans alike.

Speaking of the new single, Kowshik shared, “This song is a personal reflection on the complex and sometimes painful nature of love. I wanted to capture that feeling of being trapped in a cycle of passion and destruction, and I think the music and lyrics do just that.”

The single was written, composed and produced by Kowshik, and has been distributed worldwide by the record label and music aggregator Symphonic Distributions, based in the US.

Fans of The Weeknd and other artists in the R&B and electronic genres are sure to find something to love in 'Heaven Hell', with the song’s grooving chorus, hooks, melodies and powerful vocals make it a standout addition to Kowshik’s growing discography.

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