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The Bootleggers Music Group - 'Two Rocking Chairs'

  • 2 min read

The Bootleggers Music Group release of 'Two Rocking Chairs' has been rated in it’s top ten of releases and it has become obvious as to why.

I'd like to begin with the lyrics first, a song's first line of lyrics really helps to establish a track's overarching tone, it's that integral hook that lets listeners know whether they should invest in the music on a deeper emotional level, and whilst the intro's instrumental elements nicely ease the listener in with the soothing sounds of piano and strings, it's that beautifully crafted first line of "One rocking chair where two used to be" that clinches the deal if it were. In a mere eight words, the themes of the song are perfectly summed up in a concise and undeniably poignant way, and as a result, listeners will be easily compelled to peel away the layers of the lyrics further.

With the heartfelt lyrics serving as a profoundly strong foundation to build upon, it's up to the music and performances to carry that torch further, and as always it's the strong amiable vocal performance that helps give the lyrics the necessary weight and depth needed in order for them feel as authentic and genuine as possible.

The slower pace that the track adopts fits well with the tender and reflective nature of the lyrics and it's great to hear that particular attention has gone into how the melodic elements of the track are expressed with regard to phrasing and articulation. The fiddle is a staple of a Bootleggers' song and I particularly appreciate the nuance and more delicate approach the fiddle adopts in order to match the emotionality that's been intricately weaved throughout the arrangement.

We invite you to listen to The Bootleggers Music Groups track, 'Two Rocking Chairs' on Spotify or on all streaming services. Fans are encouraged to visit them online and download their free app to hear all their releases as well as sneak peeks of upcoming releases Such as 'When Does it End' which will be released in late June 2023 in seven Languages, English, Spanish, French, Croatian, Russian and Ukranian.

The Bootleggers Music Group is a collection of individuals from across 7 continents who continue to magnetize listeners with their music. The seeds of the group were planted in 2020, when artist Paul Jones found himself and his business deemed “non-essential.” However, rather than wallow in darkness forever, he was inspired by a visit from his lifelong friend Wayne Maxwell, who suggested he turn to music and God for healing. It was a meaningful turning point in Paul’s life, as he and Wayne went on to write nearly 100 songs in the ensuing weeks. Realizing their potential, the duo decided to get the right people together to produce the very best music possible.

Producing something for everyone, no matter what their faith or belief, The Bootleggers Music Group’s lineup soon expanded to include not just fellow musicians, but producers, writers, and composers from all over the world. Currently, the group can be found performing at clubs, parties, and even parking lots across the region. With an unwavering love for both God and Music, they continue to inspire listeners with every song they perform.

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