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Lander109 – ‘Three Ring Circus’

  • 2 min read

When we first met Raj Sharma, the enigmatic musical talent behind Lander109, he had just released his seminal debut single and was poised to take on the world. Titled ‘Slipslider’, it was an instant instrumental classic, leaning heavily on complex rhythms and an expansive creative style, the track set a standard that Lander109 has been building on ever since. Pulling no punches, Lander109 followed the single with a brilliant debut album, and more recently, a stunning new single.

Built to impress, ‘Three Ring Circus’ is cut from the golden age of psychedelic-indie and gritty, shoegaze ambience, lashing out with a kaleidoscopic sound that delves deep into the heart of modern indie and conjures up an unmissable musical number.

A testament to his expansive talents, Lander109’s debut album ‘Patrol’ set down a foundation of psychedelic guitars and tight funky beats that still stands firm. A fiercely original, and yet wonderfully timeless release, the album perfectly layered spacious, progressive guitar chords with waves of thundering drums and reverb-soaked moments to create an undeniable illustration of his talents.

Released via Gravity Trap Records, ‘Three Ring Circus’ is the beginning of a new era for Lander109, cutting through the mainstream sounds with a tight-knit fusion of psychedelic guitars reminiscent of 90’s British guitar bands and swirling Hammond organ to create a space-age instrumental soundscape.

A single that has all the hallmarks of a true instrumental classic, ‘Three Ring Circus’ is one of the Lander109’s more impressive releases to date, and we can’t wait to hear how he builds on the sound as the year continues. Check out the new single above, and make sure you check out our annual Spotify playlist where ‘Three Ring Circus’ is streaming alongside a string of impressive indie releases.

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