Niagara Moon - 'Bad Vibes'

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Psych-baroque indie pop artist Niagara Moon is back with his new single 'Bad Vibes', delivering a bold and remarkable "parody of paranoia". A satire of superstition, the new cut explores how fear can lead to consuming misinformation. Reminiscent of Beach Boys meets Thom Yorke with a Willy Wonka lens, 'Bad Vibes' takes the listener on an unexpected sonic journey. Niagara Moon just signed to AntiFragile publishing. Thanks for your consideration.

It all began when Niagara Moon’s alter ego Thomas Erwin was having trouble getting to sleep again. It was like back when they were a child, having watched that scene from Brave Little Toaster (you know the one…) Though now, it was spurred on by the new daily reality of isolation and uncertainty. However, Thomas also remembered a secret sleep-aid technique that had worked wonders back in those days. 

When you find yourself late at night worrying about nightmares, the future, or just simply have a case of Sunday Scaries, imagine in your mind’s eye - in big puffy friendly letters, much like those on the album cover - the words 'Good Dreams' beaming back at you. 

This theme of “mind over matter” appears often over the course of the album’s twelve songs. After a few years struggling to find their sound with a more conventional arrangement, Niagara Moon embraced the electronic orchestra living inside their Mac Mini. As such, 'Good Dreams' became a baroque technicolor storybook of sound, and a welcome escape from the more challenging moments of the last couple years.

'Good Dreams' the upcoming album Niagara Moon sets out to follow in the footsteps of symphonic pop classics like Pet Sounds or The Soft Bulletin. Only in this case, it was made alone under quarantine.

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