Libby Johnston shares a poignant exploration of youth and vulnerability in her new EP

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The debut EP from up-and-coming New Zealand indie pop artist, Libby Johnston, 'Libby' arrives as a gorgeous and willfully introspective release that artfully delves into themes of youth and vulnerability. Viewed through the lens of glistening indie and bedroom pop, it's an EP that is instantly disarming and endlessly entertaining, marking the rising talent as one to watch in 2024.

Drawing inspiration from artists like MUNA, Reneé Rapp, Lizzy McAlpine, and Holly Humberstone, the EP blends familiar sounds with fresh elements to create an enchanting new collection. The opening track of 'Handle with Care' sets the atmospheric tone in perfect form, inviting listeners into Libby's world of fragile emotions. Elsewhere, tracks like 'Aftermath' and 'Daydream' delve deeper into personal experiences, capitalising on raw, human moments and sweeping melodic passages to make a stunning mark. 'Ruins' featuring Joey Miceli, showcases Libby's collaborative spirit, while 'Eldest Child' offers a poignant reflection on familial roles.

It's in Libby's nuanced and sincere storytelling that the EP shines, with her honest and expressive style complemented by DIY-rooted production that allows the songs to resonate with every listener.

Speaking about the personal touch on the EP, Libby shared, "My friend Joey Miceli and I co-wrote the EP over the phone using voice memos and shared notes on the notes app. I flew out from New York City and we recorded the EP in two days at his grandmother's house in Las Vegas. Santino Cardinale (who engineered, mixed and mastered the record) set up a home studio for us to use in Joey's grandmother's living room - which is also the location used for the publicity shots and the cover art (photographed by Michael Cavinder)."

After just one listen to the EP, you'll quickly understand why it has become celebrated by fans and critics alike. Perfectly showcasing Libby's ability to capture the essence of indie and bedroom pop, the EP finds solace and comfort in raw, personal moments, and highlights the extraordinary in the everyday.

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