Melbourne's Aristo G has revealed his action-packed, indie-dance EP, 'Overdrive'

Melbourne's one-man indie-dance force, Aristo G, has unveiled his latest sonic offering, the electrifying 4-track EP 'Overdrive'. Stepping outside his usual dancefloor-centric realm, Aristo G crafts a unique blend of sounds he describes as "goth-pop."

In true and direct form, 'Overdrive' pulsates with infectious energy, thanks to its catchy lyrics, irresistible groove, and Aristo G's captivating vocals. Each element seamlessly complements the others, creating a pop gem that's both familiar and innovative. While venturing into new sonic territory, the EP retains Aristo G's signature artistic identity, showcasing his versatility as a musician and producer.

From the opening track to the closing notes, 'Overdrive' is a captivating journey. Each song is a testament to Aristo G's diverse and impressive production skills, taking listeners on a thrilling ride through his darkly dazzling sonic world.

Speaking openly about the release, Aristo G shared, “'Overdrive' is a deep dive into my contemplations on life, love, and the human condition. As someone who has spent much of the past writing dancefloor-centric music, it’s a pleasure project of sorts. I yearned to pick up my guitar, write some meaningful lyrics, and express my punkier goth side, recording this EP fulfilled that.”

Marking a turning point in his artistic journey, Aristo G ushers in 2024 with 'Overdrive', and album that delves into the depths of alternative goth-pop. This introspective collection explores Aristo's contemplations on life, love, and the human condition, driven by raw vocals, distinctive synth lines, and captivating guitar riffs.

'Overdrive' stands apart from Aristo's established catalog, known for its dancefloor-focused anthems that have graced international festivals, clubs, and even BBC Radio One. While his prior work has garnered cult status within Melbourne's late-night scene, 'Overdrive' marks a bold departure, showcasing a different facet of his musical identity.

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