Cello/Phn – ‘See Me’

  • 2 min read

A vibrant new artist who finds his sound in the crossroads of transparency and authenticity, Cello/Phn (pronounced Cellophane) has become a pioneer of psychedelic RnB, pushing boundaries and building his own musical world for the past year. One of New Orleans’ rising talents, Cello/Phn first appeared on the mainstage earlier this year with the release of ‘Satisfied’, a vibrant debut single that perfectly captured his expressive and inventive sound.

Layering his evolved, independent sound with moments from his personal life, moody transitions, and a keen melodic flourish, Cello/Phn has been able to capture both heart and mysticism, ensuring that his music doesn’t just hit hard, but also explores life’s dark, deeper meanings. His latest release, ‘See Me’ is a perfect spiritual successor to ‘Satisfied’, carving out a unique RnB-infused journey that is sure to impress.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘See Me’ is an irresistible new release that shines with passion and diversity, offering up a hybrid sound that fuses soul, indie, RnB, and beguiling psychedelia. Opening with a nuanced, wonderfully mesmerizing sound that builds into a soulful mass of incandescent soundwaves, ‘See Me’ balances glistening musical prowess with emotional vulnerability, reaching deep into the heart and soul of every listener and making an indelible mark.

Available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major platforms, ‘See Me’ is a breakthrough release that will charm and ensnare audiences a world over, offering a unique musical experience that rallies around a truly universal appeal. Stream it today above and be sure to follow Cello/Phn on Twitter and Instagram below to ensure you never miss a release.

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