Daimo – ‘No Hate (feat. No Savage)’

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Born in Brooklyn, but raised in the DMV area, Daimo has survived a life of hardships to become one of the underground’s most authentic new voices. With an ever-growing stream of powerful rap anthems to his name, Daimo has been able to turn his life around and become a leading voice in the modern hip-hop scene, delivering hit after hit, and never stopping to rest on his laurels. His latest release, ‘No Hate’ is a sharp collaboration with another rising star and easily one of his most visceral and engaging,

Born into a dysfunctional family and all but abandoned by his father, Daimo spent the majority of his life hustling on the streets and fighting to survive in prison. At just fifteen he was already catching charges, racking up a long list of felonies including attempted murder, burglary, assault, possession with intent, and theft. After serving his time behind bars, Daimo was determined to change his life, turning to music as a way to right old wrongs and give him a future.

In the last year alone, Daimo has easily become on the most prolific and powerful new voices on the scene, filling his Spotify profile with a seemingly endless stream of hard-hitting releases, and dominating our own playlists with his unmistakable flow and style.

His latest collaborative release, ‘No Hate’ is arguably this year’s hottest rap anthem, striking out with an instantly recognisable and completely unyielding sound. Following in the footsteps of previous collaborations, like the hugely successful ‘Rapper Gas’ which was released with Chelly the MC, ‘No Hate’ showcases Daimo and No Savage at their very best, at their very best, playing off one another in a fierce display of power, pride, and proficiency.

A new single that builds off Daimo’s previous releases perfectly, ‘No Hate’ see the up-and-coming rapper continuing to tackle hard issues directly, using his platforms to rage against the world and promote change. Filled with hard-hitting and wonderfully authentic moments, the 'No Hate' is forged from hardship and built to last, carrying forward the legend that Daimo is sure to become.

You can stream the new single above, and on our latest Spotify playlists, and be sure to give Daimo a follow on his social media pages below so you never miss a beat.

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