King Suave’ – ‘New Judge’

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A modern rapper making his name heard throughout Greensboro, North Carolina, King Suave’ first came into prominence back in 2017 with the release of ‘My Way’. A sharp collaboration with fellow newcomer Sergio Cortez, ‘My Way’ hit Spotify with a unique sense of urgency, carving out a new hip-hop style that married the power and proficiency of old school rap with the spark and unbridled energy of the pop world. A hidden gem, it was the first of many releases that have built King Suave’s career and led him to the release of his latest single, ‘New Judge’.

Arguably one of his most impressive releases to date, the new single builds upon the unyielding style that King Suave’ first hinted at way back in 2017, breaking boundaries and fighting against the current state of turmoil that the United States finds itself in.

Armed with an emotive and understated melody, ‘New Judge’ is all about King Suave’ vocals and flow. With all focus on him, the song illustrates his passion and power in crystal clear focus, delivering hard-hitting verse with a rolling melody that mingles perfectly with the laid-back instrumentals. It’s a poetic contrast, one that work brilliantly, creating a unique and instantly captivating sound that few rappers know how to produce.

Offering a far more nuanced and intricate sound than the majority of mainstream rap, ‘New Judge’ defies expectations and is all the better for it. Bold, original, and definitely worth listening too, it’s a new breed of hip-hop that defines King Suave’s sound and sets him apart from the herd.

You can stream ‘New Judge’ today on Spotify and all major platforms.

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