Graham Tompson – ‘Where is the Love’

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An artist who has lived at the crossroads of the corporate and musical worlds, Graham Tompson has always struggled to find his path and realise his true aspirations. After a decade spent in the Detroit automotive industry, Graham found his musical dreams had been well and truly placed on hold, with the spark for creation fading in the wake of a daily routine and constant office lighting. Life as a practised businessman was a long and arduous journey, with time spent moving from country to country in a never-ending drive.

After ten years it was time for a change, and after a candid conversation with a close fired, Graham took the bold move of relocating to Florida, throwing caution to the window and starting his life anew. The months passed, and Graham was eventually able to rekindle his love for songwriting, reaching out to his brother to help him reclaim his spark. Eventually, one song became two, and suddenly a full album began to form, stirred on by a building passion that Graham had once thought lost forever. In 2014, Graham made his mark with the release of his debut album ‘The Silver Boulevarde’, an emotive and wonderfully melodic rock release that carried with it the spark of something special. An independent triumphant, ‘The Silver Boulevarde’ paved the way for his textured, sophomore release in 2017, with ‘Take Me Alive’ arriving as a flurry of sharp, personal, and wonderfully relatable tracks that have since set the standard for the rest of Graham’s promising career. Now, three years on from that impressive second album, Graham is back with a bright and evocative new single, ‘Where is the Love’.

A modern single that shines with an undeniable and timeless rock influence, ‘Where is the Love’ perfectly showcases Graham’s songwriting abilities, harnessing a deft country sound that flows between heartfelt instrumentals, powerful melodies, and his pure, unwavering vocals.

Easily one of his most captivating and instantly engaging songs to date, ‘Where is the Love’ is an impressive testament to Graham’s songwriting and passion, capturing a beating creative heart and fearlessly putting it to music. A beautiful and texture example of things to come, ‘Where is the Love’ is easily one of this year’s most essential and unmissable new releases.

Stream it today via Spotify above, and be sure to follow Graham on his social media pages below to make sure you never miss a release.

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