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Martin Del Carpio – ‘The World Again’

  • 1 min read

A rare breed of artist who has travelled through the mediums of music and film, Martin Del Carpio has proven his talents time and time again. Since 2011, Martin has been releasing rich and expansive music that empowers, charms, and enchants in equal measure, including the retrospective compilation ‘Lost Illusions’, the vivid, brilliantly textured project, ‘Notes From The Underground’, and an album we still listen to today, the wonderfully human ‘Involution’.

Mixing haunting ambient tones with pop aesthetics to create a unique and evocative style, Martin has recently turned his attention to the enduring COVID-19 pandemic; returning to an old classic to bring hope and strength to his listeners in a truly strange time.

Originally released in 2011 as part of ‘Lost Illusions’, ‘The World Again’ has been beautifully, and remotely, re-worked and re-released, brining a more orbital Chimera vibe to the fore. Initially recorded with Craig Levy A.K.A. Little Pioneer, the song has now been transformed into a hopeful anthem for us all, offering an expansive acoustic sound and Martin’s poignant lyrics and vocals.

Following a string of intimate and triumphant singles released throughout 2019, the re-release of ‘The World Again’ is a powerful reminder that through all the hardship and tragedy that people are currently suffering, one day soon it'll be the world again.

You can stream the new version of ‘The World Again’ on Martin’s official Bandcamp page, and be sure to visit the original and ‘Lost Illusions: A Retrospective’ as well.

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